Does this make me a cult member?

Who says peer pressure dosen’t work?

Apparently it’s not enough to have 4 different email addresses, 3 different IM names and a myspace page…Apparently you’re not really “in” until you have a blog (myspace, I am told, does not count).

So here I am typing on my MacBook Pro, listening to my ipod, checking my myspace, and somehow I have been convinced to add one more thing of pop culture irrelevance to my already saturated mind…and the oddity of the entire situation is that although I feel defeated, I am somehow excited to be welcomed into a new club…

Again I ask…who says peer pressure dosen’t work…I just hope that this doesn’t make me a cult member.


15 thoughts on “Does this make me a cult member?

  1. Christopher! It’s the way of the new century. In a 100 years, everyone’s everything will be done online…you’re just part of those moving us forward! Way to go!

  2. Thanks for the post. It is good to hear from you. I wonder often how you are doing. MacBook huh?? Black or White? I could have guessed that you’d own one.

  3. You are totally in, because you have unknowingly met a singularly important criterion by posting on your site a self-taken photograph of the blogger looking pensive and bemused. Please include a photo of the blogger looking distressed but resilient at some point in the future.

  4. Way to jump on the bandwagon. I can’t stand people who do this. Oh wait…I did it last week. Nevermind, you are much cooler now. By the way when did being in a cult become a bad thing?

  5. Yeah! welcome to the world of … gee what interesting thing can I say today? It’s sad when something cool happens now and I think, “Oh good, something to blog about!” I look forward to reading your ramblings!

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