Disneyland, faces painted and guns drawn

Although I am still fighting off this blasted head cold I was able to partake in a fairly eventful weekend.

Friday I got to go to Disneyland with some friends…one of which *cough* Charlie….got the double take from none other than Hercules. So besides that oddly creepy moment and the fact that it felt like Antarctica we had a good time.

Saturday is when life got interesting. A group of about 11 people from Revolution (and one Romanian photographer) set out to do some face painting on Eucalyptus St. in Bellflower CA. If you don’t know Eucalyptus is hard core. Lots of drugs, gang activity, shootings, and other such pleasantries of life, and in the midst of all of that are many families trying to do the best they can in life.

As the day went on we found out that Doris is an amazing artist, Natalie rocked making stars, and Jr. painted the best footballs ever. I myself also excelled in this unique art form…My dinosaurs and butterflies were nothing short of Van Gough.

Everyone that showed up did an awesome job at painting kids faces and just showing these kids and their families some love, the bummer was that a lot of people were not home…so we decided to go to the park. Right as we were leaving a bunch of cop cars came flying down the street. As we reconvened at the park we realized that Victor and his family were not there…

Finally they arrived and the told us what had happened. The whole time we were on Eucalyptus there were also some gang members roaming around. The avoided us for the most part, but occasionally one of the groups would cross their path and greetings were given. However as soon as we began to leave they started to deal, that’s when the 1st cop came. They pulled their gun on the gang, and the gang members just started laughing at the cop, then two more cops showed up and pulled guns…all the while Victor and his family were trying to get the heck out of there.

The experience was a reminder of why we are doing what we are doing. I cant wait to see what happens next time.

So that was my weekend…fun, eventful, tiring, and challenging…

Oh yeah one more thing…I got second place at an Oscar party! Once again my sick fascination with the entertainment industry has proven useful.


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