The sickness that is American Idol

That’s right I said sickness! So what if I can name all the past winners and runners up. So what if I have several Idol cds…even…*gulp* Clay Aiken. So what if I almost cried when Elliot got the boot last season…those things do not change the fact that it is a sickness! I mean don’t we have better things to do with our time than watch a glorified talent show? For everything good and holy, aren’t you tired of hearing Randy Say dawg? Aren’t you sick of seeing Ryan Seacrest flaunt his metrosexuality? Does it not tick you off that America would pick Taylor over Daughtry?! It is time that we stand up and with one voice and declare we will no longer fall victim to such a trivial show.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go watch tonights episode….

Don’t judge me.


7 thoughts on “The sickness that is American Idol

  1. I think “glorified talent show” is one way of saying it. I personally prefer the renaming of the show to American Karaoeke personally. But i still watch too. I feel better though…I’m not nearly as bad as you! 😉

  2. Funny because while I used to watch it I haven’t had the opportunity to lately and I hadn’t really missed it. Aren’t most of the guys pretty bad??

  3. How come you have amy morrison’s site linked as “Holt’s blog”?

    Oh yeah. And American Idol, I really _______________ (insert self-denigrating phrase).

  4. What up with Kelly Pickler on Thursday’s show???? OMG!!! She looked 45 years old. What was wrong with her hair, her make-up, her tight dress? Success has not been good to her, poor thing. I wouldn’t have even recognized her if she hadn’t opened her mouth!

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