I begin…

My stress level has risen a bit. This week is the first preview service for our new campus, Leanne can go into labor any day now, and I am trying to sell all of our stuff that is still in Joplin. As I have been taking some time to pray and reflect I came across a journal entry I wrote towards the beginning of the year. Now, I am in no way a poet but as I read my entry entitled “humble confidence” I was reminded that even though at times we are scared or stressed God is there…and He will do something great…that is what I hold on to…It is not me, but He who lives in me that makes all the difference. For I am nothing more than a wanderer who is trusting God to lead the way.


A new year has arrived. It is clean, pure, and untainted. It holds numerous possibilities…countless opportunities…it is a blank canvas.

As I look upon what is before me I want to see far into the future yet somehow all I see is today. Wise words are spoken and read however; today they fall upon deaf ears.

A Blank canvas stands before me and I before it.

I, with timid resolve pick up my brush…

With anxiety and clarity I place the worn bristles into my paint…

And as I close my eyes and hold my breath…

I begin.


2 thoughts on “I begin…

  1. Hi Chris,

    I was doing my BSF tonight and was reading Isaiah 40:13-31 and was so encouraged because it reminded me how utterly amazing and how incredibly powerful God is! Even though we grow tired and weary…God doesn’t!

    I’ll be praying for you, Leanne and baby Isabella!!

    And I’m glad that Al was able to bring you some joy today…

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