Our first preview service

There are times in life when we hope for the best but prepare for the worst…this past Sunday was one of those days. We had our first preview service for Revolution Bellflower, and the week leading up to it (I must confess) I was preparing for the worst.

Boy did God prove me wrong and humbly teach me that He is the one in control.

With a preview service it is expected that things will go wrong…heck, that’s why it’s a preview service. Yet this past Sunday was AMAZING! Sure we had few minor problems here and there…but overall it was great. The launch team was fantastic, the video was the best yet, worship rocked, kids had fun…and my list can go on and on.

To see the excitement in the launch team, to see that God is already working in HUGE ways, to see people in the community already becoming interested…just humbles me so much and drives me on even more. It is a comfort to know that as we do everything we can do to prepare and serve it is God that is leading us every step of the way.

In two short weeks will be our second preview service and then April 8th we officially launch Revolution Bellflower. We still have lots to do and more volunteers to find, but I believe with everything that is within me that God is going to do amazing things through Revolution Bellflower. Keep us in your prayers, and hey if your looking for a place to serve give me a call!:)

Until next time…


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