My favorite escape


Now sure, I could write about all the different things I need to get done…I could write about family visiting…I could write about all the woes and joys that have happened over the last week…but I don’t want to! I want to write about my favorite escape…”Lost”.

It has been said that Lost has Lost it’s ground…Hogwash!. One of the things that makes this show so great is the very thing many people complain about…and I my friends will not hear any of it. Instead I would like to give you my top ten reasons as to why Lost is my favorite escape.

10. There is nothing else like it on TV.

9. They are not afraid to kill characters off. (even if it is in slightly disturbing yet awesome ways like tonights episode)

8. The cast is like a United Colors of Benetton Ad.

7. Hurley…representin for the big folk. Holla!

6. It’s confusing…but in good way.

5. John Locke might just be the most intriguing character on television right now.

4. The producers actually listen to what the fans have to say.

3. A whole bunch of weird crap happens to some already screwed up people. Kind of makes me feel better about myself.

2. The mythology is amazing.

And my number one reason…well, like the show…that shall remain a mystery.


3 thoughts on “My favorite escape

  1. I couldn’t agree more! People complain that the show just doesn’t make sense- and I argue that the fact that it doesn’t make sense is just what makes me keep wanting to watch! Like, I’m left totally confused about last nights episode, I mean, What the heck???? But, you better believe I’ll be watching next week! I yes, John Locke freaks me out… he’s like super survivor man! Lastly, I heart Hurley. He reminds me of Rowlf from the muppets, but I would totally invite him over for a BBQ!!!

  2. “Let’s make a big stink about bringing two new characters to the cast before the season starts. Then let’s forget to develop them or involve them in the plot in any meaningful way for over half the season. Then in a single episode let’s recap a bunch of different episodes, except this time we’ll try and convince the viewers that these two random characters were actually a part of the show. And then we can kill the characters that, not only does nobody know they exist, but nobody cares about them either.”

    Sorry, I couldn’t help it. 🙂

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