50 people that put me on edge


One man’s opinion and recognition of 50 people that put me on edge. I hope you agree, disagree, laugh, and get ticked. Enjoy!

50. Karl Rove – Too much authority too few results.

49. Jerry Springer – Assists in the downward spiral of America’s common sense.

48. Sanjaya – Why is he still on American Idol?

47. Jimmy Carter – Just because.

46. Rebecca Romaine – You can paint her blue and give her scales but she still sucks as an actress.

45. Diane Sawyer – What happened to actual reporting?

44. Kathryn Blanco – Has no idea what she is doing.

43. Kevin Federline – Do I even need to explain this one?

42. Howard Stern – The long lost brother of Jerry Springer..

41. Rickey Williams – Waste of talent.

40. Carson Daly – Thinks he is black.

39. Sean Penn – One of the most talented actors of all time and incredibly whinny!

38. Terrell Owens – Spoiled and arrogant.

37. Ann Coulter – Shes a man eater!

36. Janice Dickenson – Cuckoo.

35. Jerry Seinfeld – Just a bunch of white noise.

34. Anna Kournikova – Average tennis player, who sold herself to Enrique.

33. Nancy Pelosi – For the love of everything…SHUT UP!

32. Jesse Jackson – Who actually claims him as their reverend?

31. George Steinbrenner – Built a dynasty, ruined baseball.

30. Toby Keith – The worst side of arrogant patriotism.

29. David Curuso – I’m David Curuso and I only have one facial expression.

28. PETA – When you sue a church for giving away goldfish something is a little off.

27. Haratio Sanz – Sad, non funny, replacement for Chris Farley.

26. Whoever created call waiting – The worlds worst popularity contest.

25. Leonard M. Apcar – Most biased person in mainstream print.

24. Bobby Flay – Second rate Emeril!

23. Margaret Cho – Funny?…Yes. Intelligent?…probably. Annyoning?…Absolutely.

22. Barbra Boxer – The worst thing to happen to California since Fresno.

21. Bob Saget – Danny Tanner ain’t so nice.

20. 50 Cent – Overrated.

19. Donald Trump – We get it you have money…lots and lots of money.

18. Nikki & Paulo – R.I.P.

17. Keith Olbermann – Put feuds aside and just give me the frickin news.

16. Ted Kennedy – No explanation needed.

15. Theresa Heinz Kerry – A ketchup queen who thinks she runs the world.

14. Ward Churchill – Applauding jihad, makes me sad.

13. The CEOs of the oil industry. – $3.17 for a gallon of gas…COME ON!!!

12. Al Sharpton – Self-explanatory.

11. Lil Jon – I dont understand how he even has a career.

10. Michael Eisner – Defiled the mouse.

9. Ray Nagin – Irresponsible unapologetic child who sits blaming instead of helping.

8. Hillary Clinton – Inconsistent, and a poor choice as front runner for the democratic party.

7. Tom Cruise – Scientology…Fun for the whole family! That will be 36,000 dollars.

6. Al Frankin – Youre good enough, smart enough, and not many people like you.

5. Katie Couric – That much perkiness can’t be healthy.

4. Paris Hilton – The future of girls everywhere.

3. Rush Limbaugh – Right wing nut job.

2. Michael Moore – Left wing nut job.

1. Myself – I am my own worst enemy.


7 thoughts on “50 people that put me on edge

  1. Nikki and Paulo..that’s hysterical! I was totally waiting for for their hands to dramatically reach out of the sand but since that didn’t happen…I guess they are dead.

  2. i can’t believe you dissed jimmy!!! he’s a peanut farmer! he was an evangelical president! habitat for humanity!! i love jimmy!!!

    oh, and i can’t let myself think of how many people annoy me. i don’t know that i’d ever be able to stop. i would run amok.

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