Revolution Downey

We are officially launched!!!!!

My heart is filled with so much joy that I don’t even know what to do. Although there were some minor bugs that happened things went amazingly well. We had 297 people, over 75 new visitors (that we know of of), 7 first time decisions to follow Christ, and countless amazing God stories.

Everything from the message, to the music, to the drama (which made me cry by the way), to the children’s ministry, to the welcome team and facilities…..all of it went great. And I am so proud of our launch team! They have dedicated themselves to helping launch this new campus, and not only have they taken ownership, but they also bring an immense amount of joy and heart to all they come in contact with.

God did some amazing things on Sunday and if you were there you know what I am talking about. There are not enough words to express that things that God did. Just know, that He is faithful and good and amazing. There is so much to celebrate and I hope you will celebrate with us and I hope you will continue to pray for us as well as we continue to invest inspire and ignite.



2 thoughts on “Revolution Downey

  1. Christopher,
    To use a phrase you are familiar with, “Ok, check it out dawg”… Congratulations on a successful launch. It has been said, “The efforts of the team rise to the level of the leader” – that being the case – you rock! God is going to continue to do amazing things through you as you lead the launch/core team. Keep it up.

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