Who I really am

So it’s late and I can’t sleep so…I decided to take some personality tests…Below you will find the real me 😉

Which Lost Character are you? – James “Sawyer” Ford!

So maybe you listen to that devil on your shoulder a little too often — but you’re living proof that not everybody roots for the goody-two-shoes. You make being bad look oh-so-good! But even your most scandalous behavior can’t hide your sensitive, thoughtful side. And, hey, we love your style!

Which Friends character are you? – Chandler Bing
Could you be any more like Chandler? The most lovable wiseguy around, you’ve got more than a little Bing inside you, don’t ‘cha? Front and center in your Chandler-ness is that unstoppable wit, keeping everyone in stitches (or at least deflecting uncomfortable situations). And like the Chan-Chan man, you’d never leave your pals out in the cold. But your generosity is so inconspicuous that people often don’t even notice it. Romantically, a soft, sweet, heart and charming, insecurity rule. You might, however, be held back from love by that nagging little fear of, well, growing up. Ya think? But, like the adorable Mr. Bing himself, it’s just because you care so much and don’t want to let anyone down.

What 24 character are you? – President Palmer


You are President David Palmer! After a harrowing adventure during your election, you’ve become the greatest modern leader ever known. Your strength of character is matched only by your political guile.

What TV family are you? – The Simpsons!

Cue the blue skies, white clouds, and heavenly chorus — your family is most like everyone’s favorite Springfield residents, The Simpsons! Your clan may not have spiky yellow (or blue) hair or only four fingers per hand, but Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and even Grandpa are still your family’s TV soulmates. Sure, they squabble with the best of them (remember the time Bart burned Lisa’s centerpiece? or when Homer ended up living in Bart’s tree house after Marge got mad and threw him out?) but they always come through for each other when it counts. Look past the clever one-liners and surreal adventures, and you’ll see a family with as much dysfunction — and as much love — as you and your nearest and dearest have in real life. So, to celebrate your Simpsonness, pull up a couch, grab a Duff beer, plop down in front of the TV, veg out, and thank your lucky stars that you don’t have the Flanders family living next door!

Who is your movie star double? – Benjamin Bratt

A magnetic man like you needs to be played by someone who knows how to get an audience’s attention — and keep it. That’s why Benjamin Bratt would be a great leading man in the movie of your life. Underneath your sometimes quieter demeanor, there’s an undeniable attraction that draws people to you, your thoughts, and your ideals. There’s just something about you that has people screaming for more. But that’s a good thing since you probably thrive when you’re being social, promoting your causes and getting out and about to see the world. You’ve just got that celebrity quality that makes people applaud, whatever you do. Even if you don’t match Benjamin’s lady-melting looks, his mega-star glow will help translate your charisma to the silver screen.

OK I am going to try and go to sleep now. If you are so inclined in the wee insomniac hours of the morning…go to tickle.com and you too can find out useless bits of pop culture connections.


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