A cracked view


Ok, is it just me or is Rosie O’Donnell crazy?

Now sure it might seem a tad mean for me to pose such a question, but seriously, the queen of nice has turned into the flag waver for crazies r us.

I didn’t mind the odd spectacle that befitted her fight with the Donald…I can look past the extreme liberal views and hatred for anything remotely conservative…. I can shake off her theories that the collapse of the Twin Towers was actually a republican ploy that was executed with explosives…but for her to stick up for Sanjaya on American Idol…that’s crossing the stinking line!

So to that I say…crazy go home and when you get there…. remember to enjoy the view.

Now if you excuse me I am going to watch Ellen.


2 thoughts on “A cracked view

  1. WOW, Rachel, you took the words right out of my mouth, i’m not even joking… I thought he was gone then that moving 93.9 commerical… lets not get started on that!

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