Something “Wicked” this way comes


Last night Leanne and I went to see Wicked…the untold story of the witches of OZ. It was amazing, moving, funny, and iconic. It is a pop culture gem that twists a familiar story into a brand new experience. If you get the chance, see it, you will not be disappointed. And if for no other reason go and allow you to be swept away in what can only be described as a lost art form.

There is nothing else like it. It is romantic…profound…immersive…. There is nothing like going to the theatre. As you sit in your chair with a thousand other people around you, you wait anxiously for the curtain to rise…your anticipation slowly gives way to a sense of suspended disbelief and for 3 hours you allow yourself to be lost in story and song. It has been so long since I have been able to loose myself in the magic that is the theatre and I had forgotten how much it inspires me to dream big and create the impossible. So today I rest knowing that the future is like a blank page a waiting to be written on…and nothing could be more exciting than that.

There is nothing like going to the theatre.


5 thoughts on “Something “Wicked” this way comes

  1. Here’s my shameless plug. I have this (Wicked) planned as a theatre connecting event for Revolution on Saturday, August 2. All you blog readers (even the stalkers)…email me if you want to go. =)

  2. I’m so glad you loved it! I am totally, totally in love with Wicked. I’ve seen it twice now, and have every single word of the soundtrack committed to memory. The last time I watched it, I was so sad when it was over because I just wanted it to go on and on forever.

    And congratulations on being a new dad! I can’t believe it, but it’s so exciting. Hope all is going well for you!

    Emily Shelton

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