Facing my fears


Spiders! That has been my biggest fear since I was a child. Many of you know this already. In fact many of you out there in cyberland have witness the humiliation that I bring to myself when a spider is anywhere near me. (for those of you have not shared in the experience, I pretty much scream like a little girl as I hit my body and run around in circles.)

Well, today I am facing my fear. At 1:00 pm I am going to a pet store in Orange County and I am going to *gulp* hold a tarantula.

Why am I doing this you may ask…well, this Sunday we launch our new series on the life of David and in two weeks we will be doing a sermon called “Facing your fears”. In lieu of that, someone had the great idea (not me) that I should face my fears and film it for the whole world to see. YIPPEEE!

I’ll be honest…I did not sleep much last night, and the entire morning I have been nauseous. I am trying to psych myself up…by repeating its not that big of a deal…I am even wearing my, oh so manly, camo pants…however….I still want to puke.

That being said come to church on May 20th and see for yourself how it went. Of course I may not be there… you know, due to the coronary I may have…but it’s cool…its all for Jesus.

I’m gonna go puke now.


5 thoughts on “Facing my fears

  1. I totally forgot you were doing that today!! I can’t wait to hear how it went. You are a brave, brave man…cause there’s no way you’d catch me holding a tarantula!!

    Hope you don’t have a coronary…cause then you’d miss Spiderman.

  2. do you remember the day in the office when i was scared because there was a spider behind my desk so i called you to kill it, and you freaked out more than i did?! HAHA!!! sometimes i miss working with you….wait…it’s all the time..

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