The worst thing ever…

Well, I’m back!

Where have I been you might ask…sick. Although I wanted to blog during my time of sickness I ended up spending my waking hours working in bed, making phone calls, and giving in to my inner geek by watching Battlestar Galactica. (Don’t mock it….it rules!)

I ended up getting my wife and baby sick…apparently amoxicillin is useless.

The above is neither here nor there…now to the title at hand.

The worst thing ever.

Today we took the baby to get her first set of shots. It was horrible! She was so happy all morning and I kept thinking here is my daughter who is enjoying spending time with mom and dad…little does she know the doctor is going to stab her with three needles. When the time finally arrived she didn’t know what hit her. One second she was starring at Leanne and I happy and unaware and the next second she was doing the silent scream. Her face turned red and she was crying but nothing could come out….it broke my heart.

I am pretty sure it did not effect Leanne as much as it did me…but I’ll be honest…I wanted to punch the doctor. I know, I know its their job…blah blah blah…she stabbed my daughter…THREE times.

Anywho, she survived…she’s sore but ok…and as for me, well, the doctor gave me some free samples of a muscle relaxor…so I’m allllll gooooooood.


3 thoughts on “The worst thing ever…

  1. Battlestar Galactica… hahaha…I can’t believe you admitted to that! Relentless mocking shall commence momentarily…

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