Three things I am certain of in TV land.

3. Networks need to bring back the sitcom.


Sure we have The Office, Scrubs, and another one of my favorites (but highly under-appreciated) How I Met Your Mother…but come on! What happen to shows like Family Ties, Growing Pains, The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, and of course the ever popular Perfect Strangers and Family Matters? I say bring back the sitcom!

2. People in America might be stupid.


I say that in regards to American Idol. 3 years ago they booted Jennifer Hudson..her and her Oscar are laughing. Last year they booted Chris Daughtry…I think the fact that he has sold more albums than both Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks combined speaks for itself. And then there was tonight. Granted I actually like the final three and I am sure they will all get contracts, but to boot Melinda Doolittle is a crime against humanity. She has had more talent and skill then any idol…ever! What the crap America? What do you have to say for yourself?

1. Lost is one of the greatest tv shows ever!


Like political parties people generally fall into two parties when it comes to this show. Those who think Lost works on multiple levels and continues to push the boundaries of awesomeness and those who think it is a show that gets nowhere and has no point. I will admit Lost is an investment…but it is an investment I would make again and again. To those in my opposing party…I say this…do not allow your short attention spans, lack of imagination, and all around misguided taste in great story telling stop you from embracing one of the greatest tv shows ever.


6 thoughts on “Three things I am certain of in TV land.

  1. woo lost!

    Regarding american idol… While I don’t watch it on a regular basis past the initial two weeks I do agree with you about the Melinda lady. I had always said she has an amazing/powerful voice like no other has had on that show. Unfortunately I didn’t think she was going to make it to the end and this may be mean but she’s not the most attractive contestant and that it what America will vote for.

  2. Actually, maybe America isn’t stupid. I think they like her so much they were doing her a favor. By not being “the” winner, now she isn’t bound to whatever contracts and career AI wants her to have and she’ll probably be able o be even more successful, IMHO.

  3. first off, let’s do the happy dance!

    second off, lost is fantastic!

    third off, pirates this thursday. WHOO HOO!!

  4. I think your last two points have something to do with one another… I think Lost is way too cerebral for most Americans, (after all, it was these Americans that kept Sanjaya on for waaaaaaaaay too long). So I am somewhat sad that American Idol doulbles the ratings of Lost which requires so much more talent both acting and writing. It is such a brilliant show!

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