Swim little Duckey…Swim!

So Thursday was my birthday. Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know, I am not exactly a huge fan of birthdays. This year Leanne decided she was going to take me away for a few days as a gift. So off to San Diego we went. Thursday night we hung out downtown sampling food throughout the Gaslamp Quarter, and on Friday we went to see Shamu…which is where my story takes place.

Leanne and I just sat down on the ride “Journey to Atlantis” and as we get ready to go the ride operator says, “sorry folks we are having some technical difficulties”…so we wait…5 minutes… then ten. Finally the ride operator says “sorry” again and that we are going to have to exit the ride so they can have empty cars run through the ride to make sure everything is ok. Leanne and I and the 5 other people in our boat get off the ride and stand by the exit waiting for our turn to ride…that is when and employee noticed two ducklings under the track.

Now we are at Sea World…you know eco-friendly lets take care of animals type place…so they tell us they can’t restart the ride until the get the ducks into a safe place. As the two little girls from our boat are watching the two little duckies dart back and forth we notice three more ducklings sitting on a rock in the water…and that is when the horror began.

The mother duck found her three other ducklings and they began to swim to a different part of the man made lake…the problem was is that they were swimming right for one of the water intakes for the ride…which basically causes a whirlpool. As we watch the ducks nearing this funnel of death an employee tells the parents of the two little girls that they probably don’t want their kids to see what is about to happen. The parents turn the girls away…much to the girls chagrin of course…and as the employee begins to talk about how there is no way those ducks will make it, “they never do” we see them begin to get stuck in the current…and all I can do is yell…swim little ducky…swim!

I couldn’t watch but at the same time I couldn’t turn away…They fought, and they kicked, and they swam their hardest and just as the began to get pulled in they broke free of the current and swam away following mom to safety.


After returning the other two ducks to the family all of us cheered, the ducks lived! Of course my elation was cut short when the employee said, “there will probably be only one by the end of the week…seagulls like to sweep in and swallow the ducklings whole.”

As I looked at the guy with disgust…I was saddened….but then the ride opened again…and as we splashed down at the end of the ride..I saw those ducklings one last time…I don’t know what will happen to those ducks, but on that day I was sure glad they swam their hardest….because that would have totally ruined my birthday if they got sucked into a whirlpool.

That’s my story. Until next time….


6 thoughts on “Swim little Duckey…Swim!

  1. Thats horrible. The dude must not have a soul. I would demand there be a fix, or i would quit!!! It’s like like those guys are a dime a dozen. Okay maybe they are a dime a dozen. But Just because there trying to save Willy, doesn’t mean innocent little Duckey’s have to die in that process.

  2. What was your gaslamp favorite?

    Maybe Sea World should start a “Seagulls getting sucked into Waterpumps” attraction. I’d go. Feathered rats.

  3. You’re a great story teller! What a way to build suspense. We were there back in September, but I couldn’t go on the ride.. being 8 months pregnant and all. Bummer.

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