Face Your Fears

Ladies and gentlemen…without further adieu, I proudly give you David and I facing our fears. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Face Your Fears

  1. Okay so that was the most incredible thing ever. I feel like a parent so surprised and proud of little Christopher…Now was it really that bad??

  2. Seriously, one of the funniest videos ever shown in a church.

    The two of you together produced some kind of comedy-magic that had people almost literally ROTFL at Downey’s 11am service.

  3. Not only was I ROFL, my entire department at work shared in the joy with me after they heard my laughing and had to see for themselves. Way to go…

  4. My mom told me about this after she left church that day and came to my house. She said it was hilarious, and it makes you feel proud of you Chris, and she was right. It was great.

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