Each summer there is always one.

What am I talking about? Well a summer song that rises above all others. Each year at the end of May songs begin to fight and claw their way to summer stardom.

Now standard rules apply for a hit summer song. Generally it needs to make you bang your head, or move your body. It also should sound unique with a slight throw back to older times. If it is truly a great summer song it should come from a relatively unknown artist, group, or band or at the very least a re-imagined artist (Ala Nelly Furtado). And finally it has to be able to play on more than one type of radio station. (i.e. rock and pop, country and pop, adult contemporary and rock, etc…)

I have a fairly good track record of picking the song that has even the most jaded souls rolling down their windows and singing out loud for all the world to hear. This year my pick is by a band that I love, and that many people have never heard of. Even if this song does not rise to the popularity it so deserves I know that I can rest easy knowing that I have done my part in spreading the good news of …”Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph and the Family Band.



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