My marathon day

Alrighty! Today was one of the busiest days I have had in a long time…allow me to share.

7:30 am – wake up

7:45 – change and feed baby

8:15 – 10:30 – Play with baby watch episode of Friends and eat some yogurt

11:00 – Go to office to pick up water for Relay for Life

11:15 – Pick up Jamie’s birthday gifts

11:30 – Begin the process of transporting 18 cases of water to the field.

12-1:00 pm – Hand out water, talk to people about Jesus, and invite them to church…all the while my head began to blister and burn

1:15 – Rush home to dress like Chandler Bing for Jamie’s Birthday Party

2:00 – Arrive at said Birthday party only to be shocked and dismayed that Darrin stole the Chandler Bing name tag even though I was wearing a sweater vest.

2:05 – Take Smokey Smokerson name-tag instead.

2:10-2:35 – Meet, greet, eat.

2:45 – Jason Parks rocks Bon Jovi on the karaoke

2:50 – Charlie and I tackle the classic song by Gwen Stephanie and Eve…If I were a Rich Girl.

2:55 – We decide to go on tour

3:00 – Off to Mike and Danielle’s Wedding.

3:35 – Arrive late at wedding

3:45 – Wedding starts late…whew….

3:50 – 4:30 – Beautiful wedding happens, and friends begin their life together…finally.

4:50 – Wedding is over and I get to see my friend Christine and meet her new boyfriend..who by the way has the unfortunate name of Scott Petersen.

5:00 – Change out of my Chandler Bing wedding clothes into something more comfortable.

5:45 – Go over to Angelo and Lori’s.

5:46 – Forgot the baby in the car

5:47-5:55 – Much guilt ensues

6:00 – Watch Lori and Angelo’s wedding slide show…it was a good one

6:10 – Off to the Harrington’s for a going away party for Dana

6:15 – Eat a sandwich…mmmm Roast Beef.

6:30 – Convince Bill and Jen to get Disneyland Passes

7 – 8:30 – Affirm Dana, laugh a lot, and discuss India and overseas Missions

9:00 – Arrive home

9:45 – Put baby to bed

10:00 – Kiss my wife goodnight

10:05 – Begin blog about my day as I watch yet another episodes of Friends

Well, that was my day….and tomorrow it begins again…this time at 6:30 am…I think it is time for bed.


One thought on “My marathon day

  1. Thank you SOOOOOO much for working me into your day! It was great to have a fellow FRIENDS fanatic in the house. And, Rich Girl brought a tear to my eye. 🙂 YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!

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