Long Beach AIDS Walk

aidswalk.jpgThis morning Leanne, Isabella, and I got up bright and early and made our way down to The Pike in Long Beach. Today was the 5k AIDS walk. Over the past few years I have been praying for opportunities to minister to those infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. Although I don’t think we made a huge impact today it’s a start. Now, more than ever I feel led to find partnerships here and globally to help with the AIDS crisis. Leanne and I didn’t raise as much as we would have liked, so if you want to sponsor us you still can. We have a July 20th deadline. We are trying to raise at least 500 more dollars by that time so if you would like to sponsor us just shoot me an email and I will get you all the info.


The actual walk was fun…there were lots of people and dogs (they did a pet walk also). Along the way they had people cheering you on passing out water and sometimes candy. (Thank you to the people who gave me the mini snickers…it hit the spot) When we arrived at the finish line there were two drag queens giving us our ribbons…it made us laugh.


After getting two bottles of free Naked Juice (the best stuff ever) we decided to come home and clean up. Next year I am hoping that we can get a good team to go and do the walk…until that time though if you have info on some HIV/AIDS organizations please let me know.

Until next time….


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