Things that make me sad and laugh

A while ago I saw the movie “Saved” and I felt much sadness in knowing that many people view Christians the way that movie presented them. However, I also laughed my butt off at the movie because there was a lot of ridiculousness in it.

Well, recently as I have been perusing different blogs and websites and I have come across several sites that make me sad and laugh at the same time. They make me sad because I see so much hate. They make me sad because it is so hurtful to many people…and done in the name of “truth”. It makes me sad because although I am sure they have the best intentions those intentions are lost through the degradation they show for other people.

However these sites also make me laugh. They make me laugh because there is much ridiculousness. These sites make me laugh because I don’t know what else to do. These sites make me laugh because in my head I say, “they can’t be serious”, but in reality I know they are.

The only thing I know how to do is trust that God can use all of us…even when we think each other are crazy and wrong.

If you want to be saddened…don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2 thoughts on “Things that make me sad and laugh

  1. These websites are one of the ‘other’ reasons I despise the internet. . . My heart hurts when I see them.

    I find it interesting that some Christians would rather ‘hate’ and spend time in their dark offices posting internet blasts rather than getting off their butts (away from their computers) and help some ‘lost’ folks come into a knowing and loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Jesus help us all. I know He will – but it is just frustrating seeing the division that permiates Christiandom… Dang it!

    Yeah, some folks (like Revolution) do things differently and ‘stretch’ Christians into feeling a little uncomfortable. But let’s face it – if you win ONE soul, just ONE – isn’t it worth it.

  2. Funny….I stumbled across the Apprising Ministries page a while back and began to write a blog about it. It got longer and longer and longer until I scrapped the whole thing- I was way too passionate about the subject to fit it all into a blog.

    What people see when they look at the church is this: bickering and judgement. I’m reminded that UNITY amongst believers isn’t just a “nice idea”, but it is VITAL to God’s economy and a KEY element in magnifying Him with the loudest possible voice.

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