Summer Reading

I love to read. When I read a book I am able to escape the world around me…I am able to learn new things…and I am challenged in my thinking. So I thought I would share my summer books that I have read, am currently reading, and hope to read by the end of summer.

Finished reading


The Treasure Principal

More Mouse Tales

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Starbucks Experience

Messy Spirituality

The Way of The Wild Heart

The Last Season

Currently reading


The Road

The Dangerous Book for Boys

The Externally Focused Church


Entertainment Weekly

The Hikers Guide to Sequoia National Park

Things I hope to read (if time and money allow)


Harry Potter

Irresistible Revolution

Sex God

A Book of Hours

Into the Wild

The Reagan Diaries

Quiet Strength

The Devil’s Teeth

What is it that you’re reading or hope to read this summer? Let me know, I may want to read that too.


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. I just finished America: The Last Best Hope by William Bennett. LOVED IT. Can’t wait to get Vol. 2

    Currently reading Velvet Elvis… very interesting…

    Next is another Bennett book, The Well Educated Child.

    I, too, have a reading list, but they are not carried in the library and I do NOT want to have to buy them. Wish we had a “Christian” library…

    BTW, LOVED Tom Sawyer and the Dangerous book for Boys.

  2. Irresistable Revolution is a wonderful book. Shane is a great speaker and writer – humble and hilarious. Awesome combination!

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