The Las Vegas WET Project

This sounds amazing…Let’s see if they can actually pull it off.


Las Vegas NV – (Taken from First Tracks) “A group of former Disney and Universal Studios executives, designers, architects and engineers have teamed up to propose a new destination resort in Las Vegas featuring an indoor ski dome as well as North America’s largest indoor water park, two hotels, a casino, an events arena, and retail and dining options.”


“The snow dome for indoor skiing and snow play and Swiss-chalet themed hotel are planned to encompass 40 acres of the proposed Las Vegas Wet project. The waterpark itself will consume roughly 30 acres, with 250,000 square feet of that indoors, allowing the park to operate 365 days a year. The proposed attractions and entertainment components alone will exceed the size of Disneyland.”

“Think of it, you can throw on ski gear and practice your downhill technique on real,…OK, man made snow, then change clothes and surf at the waterpark, all in the same day at the same place,” said Dooner.”

For more information…and there is a whole bunch…go to



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