Cloverfield Trailer

This just in…in lieu of my last post I had to search for the trailer…and I found it on Movie Web. It’s not the best quality…and really it should be experienced in the the theater…but for those that want to see it now go here


3 thoughts on “Cloverfield Trailer

  1. OMG Chris. I have now spent hours scouring the web for info on this. A lot of bloggers are speculating it’s freaking VOLTRON and I’m praying it isn’t. Let’s have a REALLY GOOD monster movie!! PS- You need to rent Blood and Chocolate and Behind the Mask: Rise of Leslie Vernon. IMDB them. Then Netflix em. Seriously.

  2. I saw this trailer today at the movies and thought of you. I knew what it was right away during the party scene. It looks pretty good.

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