I am boycotting Home Depot


Stick a fork in me…I’m done!

I have tried to give this company several chances to prove to me that they deserve my business…however, they don’t! And they don’t deserve your business either. Today I went to buy a fan for the baby’s room. As I carried the car seat I asked an employee where I can get a shopping cart…He said, “I don’t know”. I went to the section that said fans…and there were no fans there. When asking an employee where the fans are located…the response is…”go to the front and ask someone in the paint department. I go to check out and the credit card machine doesn’t work in the self-check out lane…when I share this information with the employee her response is…”well go to another one”.


These are my top 5 reasons why I will no longer shop at Home Depot…

5. 75 friendly Hispanic men waiting outside asking me to pay them 14.00 and hour to put in a bamboo shade.

4. It’s always hot in there.

3. Employees who say the words…”that’s not my department”.

2. Unhappy employees that make the 35 year old guys who work at frozen yogurt shops look positively euphoric.

1. When I ask for assistance the employees look at me like I just asked for their first-
born…followed up by the words…”that’s not my department”.

At least I still have Lowes.


5 thoughts on “I am boycotting Home Depot

  1. I am so proud!

    If you can stomach the people who shop there All American (how ironic is the name?) Home Center is good too. Family owned and operated…

    But still I maintain the best experience can be had shopping at Lowes, super friendly people always willing to help (walking you to the thing you need) and the stores are less commerical feeling.

  2. Your story is unbelievable. By that I mean, I don’t believe it! By my count, you encountered THREE employees. Absolutely impossible! Aparantly the person who works at the Home Depot by my house must have been “working” in the one by you.

    (See if you only have one employee, and their job is, I don’t know, standing around, then by definition every department is “not my department”)

  3. how funnny! this last week i went to home depot, asked a tiny question, and had the guy not only pull all the items i needed from the shelf for me, but also got me a cart and wheeled it up to the register for me. i guess home depot just loves me more than it does you. =p

  4. I don’t believe that you are capable of being made happy. I have travelled the U.S. assisting in volunteer projects, so I have visited Hundreds of Home Depots. On their worst day, I have not encountered a store that is as bad as the one you describe. I appreciate that you will be shopping at Lowes from now on, as I do not wish to encounter you in my day to day shopping exploits!

  5. It might be because I’m a girl but the 75 guys offer me $10 an hour, but I got married so I don’t have to pay for handy-man services anymore, LOL!

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