Serve Day


SIGN UP FOR SERVE DAY – Saturday, July 28, 2007 – SIGN UP NOW!

What’s Serve Day all about?
Serve Day is an annual event empowering local churches to get involved in community service that clearly demonstrates the power of God’s love through acts of empowered kindness and meeting real needs. This year, 48 churches from Orange and Los Angeles Counties join together to plan and implement over 300 service projects that serve at organizations, businesses, and other locations in practical and tangible ways.

What Projects Are Sponsored By Revolution Church?

#461 – “Wrapped in Love” Blanket making in Los Alamitos [9am-2pm]
Come help us make “no sew” blankets for children and teens in long-term medical
care or living in foster care. No experience is necessary.

#462 – COA Facility Renovation in Long Beach [8am-3pm]
We’ll paint portions of the “Christian Outreach in Action” facility to brighten the
lives of the homeless families and inviduals they serve.

#464 – Carnival at Metro State Hospital in Norwalk[7am-2pm]
Join us in Norwalk for a fun-filled carnival for the residents of this facility
supporting individuals with mental health challanges.

#465 – Bellflower Home Makeover [8am-4pm]
We will be painting, building, gardening, and cleaning. By the time we
are done it will be a whole new home for this family in need.

#466 – Habitat for Humanity [8am-4pm]
To help Habitat gear up for this falls home building activity, the warehouse
in Gardena needs to be organized. Come help us!

#470 – Serving Our Seniors in Lakewood [10am-2pm]
Join us to serve the residents of Woodruff Convalescent Home
as we support these lovely ladies and gentlemen.

#471 – Downey City Clean Up [9am-3pm]
Picking up trash, cleaning windows, & doing some all around
general cleaning to beautify the city of Downey.

How Do I Sign Up Now?

1. Visit right now!

2. Find the project you’d like to participate in.
All projects are organized by city.

3. Click “serve” on the right side of that project.

4. Enter your sign-up information.

5. The leader of your project will contact you with details.

6. Call the Revolution office to pick up a Serve Day t-shirt for $5.

Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

Contact Christopher Lytle at 562.546.0012 or


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