Scientology…fun for the whole family!

Lately, I have had several people ask me about Scientology…I am not sure why…It’s not like I hang out with Tom Cruise or John Travolta…they won’t return my calls.

Anyway, for those that have been interested in understanding (if that is possible) the basics of Scientology just follow this link…8 Levels.

Their goal is to make the world a better place…which is a great goal…and I wish I could be friends with Tom so I could understand it from his perspective…but they loose me with the whole pay to get to the next level thing. So like anything you are going to have to make up your own mind.

Now run along and learn all about the aliens that live inside of you….toodles.

For further info go to these sites…

Church of Scientology Official Site

Operation Clambake – A critical look

Scientology Lies

Religious Tolerance


4 thoughts on “Scientology…fun for the whole family!

  1. Clambake is an old one, and one of my favorites. I credit it as the original website opening my eyes to the comedy that is Scientology.

    Let us not forget the trapped in a closet episode of Southpark… one of the best satires of all time IMHO, maybe only second to the Make Love Not Warcraft episode…. I write about this briefly here:

  2. oh yeah, and as I mentioned to you earlier (and now to the web) I am a *closet* OG/John Waters (he’s a kooky guy!) Hairspray fan… Though I’ll probably remain in the *closet* and wait for home video… er bootleg! Glad to hear it was good.

  3. I here there also major contributors to Porn. I haven’t done the research behind that to see if its nor. But i’m told they play a huge role in the business.

    There are a couple of videos on youtube i’ve watched about the stuff. They actually had someone infiltrate the ranks and give some of the undercover story. Pretty weird.

  4. You know, I’m a huge believer of respecting other people’s beliefs, ie: religion. But, c’mon. These people are loony toons. Any flack these folks receive is well deserved. Oh, and I second Angelo’s suggestion about watching that South Park episode.. usually I just roll my eyes when he drooling over South Park, but this episode had me laughing out loud! It sooooo speaks the truth!

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