Is it football season yet?

Hockey season is over (congrats to the Ducks), baseball sucks to watch on tv, I’m never home to watch golf, I hate basketball, and I refuse to watch the giant left turn that is NASCAR…which leads me to cry out…




Only two months left until the gloriousness that happens on any given Sunday…Only two months until Saturdays are filled with college rivalries and traditions…Only two months until Monday Nights are once again filled with the joy and ruckus of over filled living rooms…two months…that’s it…

Already I am filled with anticipation and questions. Will my Niners do the impossible and actually bring back their dynasty? Will Matt Leinart actually do well this year? Will Daunte Culpepper and Nick Sabin transform the Dolphins into something more than average? Will Cincinnati complete the transformation from one of the crappiest teams to one of the best? Will the Saints continue to rise from the wreckage? Will the Colts do it again?

With summer in full swing all I can do is wait…but not for too much longer…just two agonizingly slow months and then comes the sweet release that is football season.

Until then…

In case your curious here is a link to 2007 NFL Schedule.


6 thoughts on “Is it football season yet?

  1. ummm i am DREADING football season…alex is a HUGE chargers fan…good thing not too many games will be televised up here 🙂

    when do i get to see you and your awesome family??

  2. I’m sorry…did you say that AMERICA’S PASTIME sucks to watch on TV? As much as I love football season (and I do), you are grossly mistaken.

  3. Tonight there is a Pre-Season Football game, but it is in place of “So You Think You Can Dance” results show. Now we have to wait until Monday to see the results. Are you happy now?

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