I remember


The day began early. I was setting up for our mini staff retreat and when I got to the office I checked the weather. It was 7am. I saw that the projected path was now right over New Orleans…6 hours later thousands of us were on the road…evacuating.

I can still remember Tony, Leanne, Bex, and I laughing in the van thinking we would be back in a day or two and that it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Sitting in the van, stuck in traffic we videotaped ourselves doing silly news commentaries and calling the hurricane a very not nice name that rhymed with witch. By that evening we began to realize that we might not be going back for a while.

2 years ago today I evacuated New Orleans…and my life has never been the same.

In two days many people in NOLA will remember. In two days many of us who are no longer there will also remember. Not just the hurricane, and where we were, but all the great things of a city unlike any other in America.

We will remember our family and friends that are still there or have gone away. We will remember the Quarter and how even though at times disgusting always proved to be exciting. We will remember Uptown and the way the St. Charles street car would clang along down the oak laden street. We will remember the Lakefront and the Mardi Gras fountain. We will remember, Cafe Du Monde, and some good ole Cajun cooking, the Hookah Bar, Juan’s, and Le Madeline. We will remember the jazz music that filled so many streets, the lower 9th, The French Market, the tumor faced ducks, U turns, Jazz Fest, snowballs, our parks, and of course Mardi Gras…we will remember the good and the bad…

We will remember because we love our crescent city and all of her nuances and distinctions. From the potholes to Celebration in the oaks…we will remember because we want to…we need to…we have to.

Two years…it seems like it was yesterday…and like an eternity. So today my body is in LA, but my heart…my soul is in “the city that care forgot”…my beloved New Orleans




4 thoughts on “I remember

  1. I love you guys and miss you so much. I’ll never forget that time and all the struggle and growth we experienced together. I still find myself without words when people ask me what Katrina was like. In ways I feel like a soldier home from war. I simply tell them, “you had to be there.”

  2. Look at where God has you now. If that didn’t happen, things would be drastically different. God does work out things for our good, as much as times may be bad, difficult or even unbearable.

    Praise God you are at Revolution, you have an amazing wife, a daughter and a family such as your mom, dad, and grandmother who are plugged back into a church, serving the Lord.

    Need I say more?

  3. I went to Celebration in the Oaks last night. The driving tour is not open yet but the walking tour was wonderful. The highlight was the carousel that opened last week. Storyland was open and FULL of children laughing and having a good time. I have never been so hopeful for the city as I was last night. It was a community event as can only hapen in New Orleans. We will and have survived.

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