Adventures in dumpster diving


OK so did you know that you can’t throw paint away? I sure didn’t and neither did my friend Jessica. So when she threw away roughly 33 gallons of paint in the dumpster and the trash guys refused to pick up our trash so I decided to step up. So as Jessica and Christina stood outside the dumpster I dove right in. After sweating profusely all of it was out. We stacked it nicely next to the dumpster with the plan to take it to one of those toxic waste places.

4 days later our trash still had not picked up…why, you might ask…well someone was trying to be helpful and decided to put all the paint back in the dumpster. I thought Jessica was going to cry. Well, this time Jessica stepped up…she was wearing nice clothes but the magic trash bags she put on her kept her safe. Let that be a lesson to everyone…don’t throw away paint…and more importantly if you want to be helpful…ASK FIRST!



4 thoughts on “Adventures in dumpster diving

  1. Wow, thats quite the fashion statement.

    And ya, i remember growing up digging a whole ground to pour the gasoline that we cleaned our brushes off after painting something. Those weird californians care too much about there environment. Or they just wanted to create a way to take your butt to court!!!!

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