I’m a sucker for fall


I tend to romanticize just about everything and fall is something that I will forever be smitten with. There is just something about it. Cooler temperatures, colored leaves, pumpkins, the beginning of school, all of it. For about two months we can relax as the non stop happenings of summer have ended, and the holidays are still just a distant thought. It a season that celebrates change. It is a time when there is slight chill in the breeze letting us know that winter is coming, while being a gentle reminder to relish the beauty around us.

autumn-harvest.jpgLeaves dance a long sidewalks, and pumpkins grace doorsteps. The smell of fresh baked pies fill the air as children climb trees. The days become shorter while the night invites us to gather together to drink cider and hot cocoa. Trees put on a brief fireworks display as they are set ablaze in colors of gold, red, and orange. We celebrate the harvest time…because it is good and we have been blessed.vermont-autumn-cliche.jpg

It is fall, and although people may scoff at me and say there is no autumn here…the images in my head and heart say otherwise… For there, I am getting ready to dive into a big pile of leaves…and no one can take that away from me.

I really am a sucker for the fall.


4 thoughts on “I’m a sucker for fall

  1. And then…there was this time…that Christopher Lytle (known as California Chris, at the time) was SUCH a sucker for the magic of fall (and being an actor), that he rounded up like 20 other college kids and took them to a cemetery in Carl Junction, MO, where he then preceeded to pretend that he was demon-possessed and cause half the girls on Goodman 2nd to stay up all night praying for him! Ahh yes…fall memories… (Sorry…I couldn’t resist.) 🙂

    But seriously…as sucky as Missouri can be at times, autumn in that state is AWESOME!

  2. There is no fall here.
    Come back to Nor Cal with me…we’ll run through the corn maze, eat corn on the cob, take a hay ride, pick out the perfect pumpkin and enjoy hot chocolate around a fire. THEN we can inhale the season we affectionately know as autumn.

  3. I disagree Jamie! If you look carefully Southern Cal has a lot of liquid amber trees that change colors and drop their leaves in the fall. We have pumpkin patches to take the family to. The air gets cooler and I start baking. Come over to my house and see how we celebrate the best season of the year- fall :>)

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