So it all started when Christina had a small pile of bread piled in the corner of her office. We realized we might have a mouse…or worse for the ladies…a rat. After disposing of the left over hot dog buns in my office we soon found that Jenny had a bag of popcorn kernels that had been eaten through. So Jen, who is one of the most amazing office administrators ever, went to buy some rat traps. She set one in my office, one in Jenny’s, one in Christina’s, and one by the filing cabinets.

This morning as I walked into my office I checked my trap and it had not been tripped. Soon Jen came in and checked Jenny’s…which was untrimmed as well. As we made our way to Christina’s office to check hers I was startled by a blood curdling scream… Either Jen was being murdered or she found the rat…it was the later.


Poor guy, he was still alive but couldn’t move well. I went to get something to lift it, but the trash can lid I grabbed did not work so well. So as Jen was leaving a message for Jenny screaming onto her voice-mail I found an empty paint can and stir stick. I got it in there, and he crawledim000359.jpg out…I put him back in there and then took him out back and as his cries of pain filled my ears I chucked him into the bushes. He was alive enough to burrow himself where I am hoping he died peacefully.

That’s my story for today…I wished I could have put him out of his misery but the only options I had were drowning it or hitting with the hammer…neither of which appealed to me. So if he didn’t die peacefully my only other other hope is that one of the stray cats around us would finish the job.



5 thoughts on “Rats!

  1. We work at a nature center…the rats, spider with its egg sack full of baby spiders!! I am not putting my precious baby Emma down on the floor to play anymore.

    Thanks Jen and Christopher for taking care of business!

  2. Oh, Christopher, are you telling us this story so you appear to be MANLY with your rat extermination? I killed two VERY LARGE SPIDERS at my house yesterday…they crawled out of the couch where I was sitting. I’m pretty sure you would have dropped something unfortunate in your pants.

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