She puked in my mouth! Thats right I lifted my sweet innocent little girl in the air and she puked carrots and formula into my mouth…MY MOUTH!!!!!!!!

So gross!

OK that’s my story…I’m going to brush my teeth now.


5 thoughts on “Oh…My…Gosh!!!!!!!!

  1. Chris, You are not alone with having a baby puke in your mouth. I had a similar experience with my cousin who is 14 years younger than me. So about 13.5 years ago, I lifted him up, we were face to face and his breakfast went into my mouth. I know how gross the experience is of having a baby throw up in your mouth. I think that is when I decided not to have children of my own.

  2. I don’t know which is grosser. The fact that bella puked in your mouth, or the very fact you waited to brush your teath after you blogged about it. gotta love those kids.

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