Too early for pumpkins?…..Nahhhh.

So tonight Leanne and I had date night and we decided to get some of those fake pumpkins and carve them. We put the baby to sleep andpumpkins1.jpg began the awesomeness that is our carving skills. Really, Leanne was awesome…mine on the other hand…let’s just say I am glad for super glue. (hers is the house) But in my defense those stupid pumpkin carvers are useless.

Anyway some may say it is too early for pumpkins and I say…pssssshhhhhhh. Whatever. I encourage you all out there in the blogosphere to gather your loved ones and friends and do some serious carving. Why wait until the end of October? In pumpkins2.jpgfact, I think I am going to host a little pumpkin carving contest. After you are done with your mad skills send me a pic… and we will see who the winner is.

Happy Carving…


4 thoughts on “Too early for pumpkins?…..Nahhhh.

  1. Either Jeannie is the most impressive pumpkin carver I’ve ever seen…or that was a ringer. Anyways, carving a “fake” pumpkin is one thing but digging into the real deal is a whole new ballgame.

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