A celebrity sighting…sort of.

So David, Christina, and I arrived in the ATL this afternoon after what might have been the best flight ever. (David and I had more legroom than the folks in First Class) After a landing that made me almost mess myself we departed our plane and headed to the baggage claim.

As we waited patiently for our luggage David noticed a very well dressed black man and he asked me…”Dude, who is that guy?” I look and automatically I knew I had seen this guy before…and I knew he was in politics of some sort. Then David figured it out.

It was none other than Kweisi Mfume aka Frizzell Gerald Gray the former CEO/President of the NAACP. I was kind of hoping to see Ciara or the Black Crows or even the head of Coca-cola…but this will do…

I guess.



3 thoughts on “A celebrity sighting…sort of.

  1. How the heck did you recognize this guy?? I am a pretty close follower of polictics and wouldn’t have had the slightest clue he was. Props to you my friend.

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