My Christmas Wish List

It’s funny how the older you get the more expensive your Christmas wish list becomes. That being said, here is my Christmas wish list for this year. I know I won’t get most or any of the things on this list…but hey, a guy can dream right?





In no particular order…

A car (It is difficult being a one car family in SoCal)

Nintendo Wii

Games for the Wii

A trip to Disney World

The iPhone

The NIV Application Commentary Set


“Where We Enter” by James Michalopoulos

Blue Runner Red Beans

New Shoes

A Vespa

Disney Scene It

Apples to Apples

Anything from Williams Sanoma

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

DuckTales DVD

and last but not least…

World Peace



2 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish List

  1. Dude, on the Ducktales DVDs, I at one point owned the first season. Then I took it back because it did not have the first episode. You know the one with the city of gold. They did however release it on the second season.
    Also, if you do not get a Nintendo Wii, You and your cool wife can come over and play with mine. It’ll give me a reason to clean up the house.

  2. You are too funny, I’m really behind and just catching up, but…I have the Duck Tales Movie and still watch it, I love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer but it is heavy to move, the Wii is lots of fun but my arm hurt for the first couple of says and I’m still spoiled and I have my own car (somethings never change). But you guys can borrow anything anytime. I said I’m spoiled, not a brat!

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