Rob Bell


So David, Leanne, Nitro, and I went to go see Rob Bell speak on his “The gods aren’t angry” tour.

Rob Bell is…well…brilliant.

I may not always connect or agree with what he is saying but the man is incredibly gifted in his ability to convey information, feeling, stories, biblical truth, and unique mysticism. It was a great time all around. Starting with a crazy Chinese dinner, hangin out in the Wiltern, and finishing off the night with a shake form Carls Jr.

Thanks David for the invite. And if you are not familiar with Rob Bell, you should be, he is good peeps with lots of great things to share.


2 thoughts on “Rob Bell

  1. Rob Bell is an absolutly amazing speaker. He totally draws you into what he is trying to convey. BUT that is the problem with him. He has this amazing gift, yet he is going off kilter and against Sola Scriptura to make HIS message seeker sensitive. Just because someone goes to church does not make them a Christ follower. Just because someone says they are a Christian does not make them a Christian. Beware brother, I think Rob Bell is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Listen closely to what he has to say. Does it line up with scripture? Shalom Brother

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