It has been a while since I have actually looked forward to a movie, and by looking forward to I mean chomping at the bit, pee my pants excited. Granted J.J. Abrams is a hero to me and I think he is brilliant, but it’s also because I’m a big geek and I like that America will have it’s own monster movie that actually looks cool…and really who doesn’t like the big destruction of the world type movies?

The new trailer is showing in front of Beowulf and although there are a couple of bootlegged versions on-line right now I figured I would wait until Monday when it will be posted on iTunes. However, for those of you who have not yet seen the first trailer or for those that have forgotten about it I have posted it below. Just FYI I think that the below trailer was one of the most brilliant pieces of marketing ever for a movie..but that’s for a different post.


One thought on “1-18-08

  1. So this is what I ‘ve been confused about since this summer, when I first saw the trailer. (I don’t remember if it was when I saw Transformers, Spider-man 3, or The Simpsons movie) Is the movie called,”1-18-08″ or is that when the movie comes out?

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