Ladies and gentlemen please welcome….

Evan D’Angeles!


Several of us have finally convinced him to have a blog. However, he made need some coxing to actually post stuff so make sure you visit his site and leave a comment encouraging him to sell his soul…I mean…post stuff.


5 thoughts on “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome….

  1. hoorah! too bad it’s a BLOGGER account and not a WORDPRESS account. For you non tech folk… wordpress provides an RSS feed for comments so you can follow the blogs and the comments. blogger (IIRC) has a comments RSS feed and each individual post has it’s own RSS feed for comments… BOOO!

    Thanks for the intro!

  2. meh! I stand corrected… though why the comments feed is not readily advertised or displayed like it is most wordpress sites is beyond me.

    wordpress is still a better piece of software but enough nerd talk on the lytle blog, he’s now officially BORED!

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