Cloverfield and Heroes

OK, so below you will find the new trailer that is out for the upcoming J.J. Abrams picture “Cloverfield”. I would also recommend downloading the HD version at apple. In a note of marketing genius and possible cross over story telling it seems that Slusho (a make believe company that has direct ties in Cloverfield) is cross pollenating with the TV show Heroes. Now, no one really seems to know what the connection is but Greg Beeman (director/producer of Heroes) said this…

“Now, the next group of photos falls into the “don’t ask/don’t tell” category. I credit Greg Yaitanes for staging all these pix, under the supervision of Joe Pokaski. Their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months, so… pay attention!”

For those who are suckers like me go ahead and check out Beeman’s Blog to view said pictures. Enjoy the trailer, mark your calendars, and plan on going opening weekend with me.


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