Help us choose

Alright friends, Leanne and I want to send out a picture with our Christmas cards this year however, we don’t know which one to choose. Comment on which one you like and help us choose the best one.

Option #1


Option #2


Option #3


Option #4


Option #5



23 thoughts on “Help us choose

  1. I vote #5… or #1.. although I think they are the same but with different borders. Bella’s personality came out best in that one.

  2. My vote is for #1, #4, or #5 I love the smiles best in #1 and #5 and I love the mickey wreath in #4, but I think too much of Tinker-Bella’s body is blurred out. I can’t wait to find out which one you choose.

  3. I vote #2, #3, & #5 in that order. It seems wrong for yall not to have the Mickey wreath like the North star of the Lytle clan. It’s just far too appropriate! Totally precious pics!!! Love em! Happy Turkey Day from Texas ~ Amy 😉

  4. I like #3. I like that you aren’t all looking at the camera. The other ones just feel too “normal” or traditional to fit you. But #5 is cool too.

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