So long dear friend


My friend and co-laborer Jamie Petersen had her last Sunday with us yesterday. She is moving to Minnesota to be closer to her fiance Chris whom she will marry in April.

For those of you lucky enough to know Jamie my words may seem like reiterations of things you already know. However, for those of you who do not not Jamie, trust me when I say, you are missing out.

Jamie is a rare person who captivates people not only through song but by the mere fact of who she is. She is someone who cares for the people around her, cares for the people she is leading, and cares for truth being presented through worship. She is gifted in ways many only wish but maintains a humility of someone who knows that the gifts she has are not her own.

Even though she lost to me and Rachel at FRIENDS trivia, and even though she pointed out all of my spelling and grammar mistakes of which there are many, I could not have asked for a better co-laborer than her to begin this journey that is Revolution Downey.

Jamie will be missed by many, but she can rest knowing that she will always have family here in So. Cal that she can count on. Make sure you visit her blog and leave lots of comments so she remembers who all of us (the coolest people she will ever know) are.

Jamie, as you enter into this new chapter know you are loved by many and will always have the support of your fellow Revolutionaries.


2 thoughts on “So long dear friend

  1. Hi Christopher! I was just catching up on my blog-reading (whoops…haven’t checked since Christmas) and WHOA! My picture popped up on your page! I’m flattered by your kind sentiments and trust me…I feel the same way about you!!! You are a gifted speaker and great with people- what a FUN friend!! Now, in MN, since I’ll have PLENTY of time INDOORS, you can BET I will be brushing up on my FRIENDS trivia…there is a showdown in our future, for sure. Dum dum dummmmmmm……

    Miss you guys already!!!!

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