New Orleans delayed

OK, so I don’t have my pictures yet so my New Orleans post will be slightly delayed.  Until then I thought I would share some random insights of don’t judge…cause the temptation will be to judge..but don’t.

Several things you may not know about me…

– I wish I had a British accent

– I like country, folk, and bluegrass music

– I hate most white foods

– I think that, That So Raven is hilarious

– I am terrified of Spiders yet Spider Man is my favorite comic book hero

– I hope to one day be friends with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (not because they’re famous but because I think  would     enjoy hanging out with them.)

– If I was a fruit I would be a blood orange

– I want to go to culinary school and open up my on restaurant

–  I like trees

– I love lamp


6 thoughts on “New Orleans delayed

  1. seriously, it should be “if i WERE a fruit, i’d be a blood orange.” because in an if clause you have to use the progressive form of the verb.

  2. White food? food that is white in color? or food eaten by people that are white? or food that is of the white race? what exactly are you talking about here?

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