There is hope for Lost fans…

…and also for all fans of television and movies.


 As of this morning two studios have cut deals with the writers.  What does this mean exactly…well, first off it pressures writers and producers (even more so then when the directors signed a deal) to resolve this quickly.  Secondly, it really begins a domino effect.  Third, all of the crappy reality TV (ie moment of truth) will no longer be the only thing to watch. Fourth, and most importantly if ABC/Disney signs a deal within the next two weeks (which is now highly possible) us Lost fans will have our full season.

Let hope and rejoicing fill the air!


2 thoughts on “There is hope for Lost fans…

  1. Man I hope they do, but I believe ABC/Disney are cheap and will wait until the last possible moment to do so or not.

    We have 2 episodes left for Season 3. After the second viewing, (hindsight) this was a great season! The Jacob episode is so creepy! I can’t wait until it starts even if we only get part of a season.

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