How do we describe it?
Something that is so universal, yet so incredibly personal.
A concept, an action, an emotion…
But it is so much more.

Impossible to fully grasp,
Yet when one accepts it, their life is forever altered.
When one tries to explain it,
They become lost in their own words.

An incredible gift that is so overwhelming that one can’t help but be stunned.
A love that is so personal that when separated, the self aches for its return.
An unparalleled consistency that none has ever seen before.
A faithful assurance, that we are loved in spite of ourselves.

How do we describe it?
A joy so eternal it flows forth in all that we do.
A peace so comforting that life becomes still even in the storms.
An ever present, steadfast knowledge of who we really are.

The strength in the weaknesses.
The guidance in the confusion.
The answer to the question.
The light in the darkness.

How do we describe grace?

Who knows…
Sometimes the best way to explain something is just to be…


And let your life do the explaining.


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