So here I sit watching “Idol Gives Back” and I am dealing with a barrage of thoughts. I struggle. Not because of the awareness being brought to the forefront or the millions of dollars being raised to make a difference in lives around the globe…but because I can’t help but ask..where is the church?

I am so glad that God is doing such amazing things through the generosity and creativity of people around the world. I am inspired by those individuals, organizations, and churches that are leading the charge in meeting the needs of those around them. At the same time…I still ask the question…where is the church as a whole?

Now I know there are those Christians, there are those churches that are actively involved with changing the world. I know there are those Christians those churches that are in the mud – cleaning wounds – touching the untouchable – providing for those in need – sharing love and encouragement – and serving in whatever way that they can. However, the reality is – in the fallen world in which we live the need is overwhelming and instead of leading the charge in taking care of those in need…we somehow focus our attention on us. On our stuff, on our needs, on filling our buildings, and starting programs that benefit us.

The sad reality is that most Christians watching “Idol Gives Back” will be more moved and excited that they closed the evening with “Shout to the Lord”, then the need and opportunity that the show was bringing to light.

It’s as if we are blinded.

I hope that those that watched or will watch “Idol Gives Back” will give and give generously…But I also hope that people will be willing to not only give money but they would be willing to step up and go.

In the next 12 months what will you do to make a difference?

Don’t know where to start…well let me be a resource. Here are just a few of the things I am connected to;

Long Beach Rescue Mission

Trips to India

A new orphanage and ministry in Kenya

Missions in Russia

Wrapped in Love

Adopt a Block

Rebuild New Orleans

Metro State Hospital

Long Beach AIDS walk and awareness

Home building in Mexico

Christian Outreach in Action



Local Home Renovation

Medical Missions in Haiti

Bellflower Convalescent Home

Royal Family Kids Camp

and several others…

The time is now. The opportunities are everywhere. The people are waiting. What will you do?

It’s time to take off the blindfold.


2 thoughts on “Blinded

  1. There ya go again thinking the church should have some kind of purpose of existence other than just a room full of people yelling “we love Jesus yes we do, we love Jesus how ’bout you?” to each other.

    Isn’t “Idol Gives Back” somewhat of a oxymoronic phrase?


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