iMac, Birthday, and Love

April 15th is not only tax day, it just so happens that it is also my Wifey’s birthday. She turned 28 this year, and for her 28th birthday I went big…bigger then I can afford…but hey, she’s worth it! And although my love for Macs has in fact increased it pairs in comparison to the love I have for my wife. That being said why not combine the two loves. So I did it…I got my wife a new Computer. Which makes us – officially a Mac exclusive home. (cue angels singing)

So tomorrow when my wife wakes up she will be greeted to this new beautiful piece of technology and a special love note from me. I would share it with you…but it is a bit saucy;) Happy birthday Leanne!


One thought on “iMac, Birthday, and Love

  1. Great choice, I have the same one a big beautiful 24 inch screen it’s awsome ! She will love it. What a wonderful husband to get such a great gift.
    I have a Mac OS X Leopard for dummies book if she would like to have it let me know.

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