Into the Wild

Every once in a while I will watch a film that moves me…that truly makes me ponder my life and the world that surrounds me. Sometimes it is because of the sheer poetry of the film, other times it is because of the simple truths that it presents, while still others because it taps into a part of my soul that I had forgotten existed. As I watched “Into the Wild” my soul was stirred by all three of those things.

As I watched the story of this young man unfold before me like some story from Thoreau – I couldn’t help but be conflicted. On the one hand it was a journey that Christopher McCandless had to take. One of self discovery, one of growing up and being the very person his soul craved to be. On the other hand many of his actions were selfish…which ultimately he realized.

Now, maybe it’s because I never had a tree house when I was a kid…or maybe I didn’t go camping enough – but to be honest I am a little jealous of Christopher McCandless. For two years he lived an adventure that many of us wish we could live. Soaking up the freedom that surrounded him as he experienced a life that was separated from the things that cause so much pain and stress to the majority of us.

I’m a nature guy. I crave to be in it. I feel God speaks and shows His mystery through it. There is something wild about our making…that I believe causes our souls to cry out for adventure. As we grow up we push it down – trying to ignore it – calling it childish – foolish even…and still deep within, it beckons us to live in dangerous wonder…because He calls us to live in dangerous wonder.

As I continue on in this journey – I see the adventure that it is. I don’t want to stand in the shallows, I want to dive into the heart of the raging river. I want to gasp for breath as I let myself go in His divine story – breaking free from all of those things that entangle…as I am swept away in the great mystery that I am apart of…and what makes it even more exhilarating is that I know I am not alone.

As time continues in its inevitability may my soul continue to hear the call of the wild – and may I always have the courage and trust to allow Him to sweep me away in the greatest of adventures.

Until next time…


One thought on “Into the Wild

  1. Godspeed on your adventures, Christopher. Jared and I watched this movie last week. It pains me to know that it gave you so much inspiration. I, on the other hand, had to go into the other room and put a pillow over my head. Maybe it was bad timing,but all the film did was inspire me to be frustrated. I agree with you that his actions were so selfish but what an idiot, it’s the same old story, isn’t it? We are all still eating from the wrong tree in the garden of good and evil. I can’t believe he died from the inability to digest food. Even when we have the manual within our grasp we still keep ingesting the stuff that will be our demise.

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