America…thou hast broken thine spirit.

With a heavy heart I respond today. I am officially moving to Ireland – the magical green isle – where teenage girls no longer run popular culture or the popular vote.

Good bye and Godspeed people of America. I shall miss you.

Irish Idol here I come!


4 thoughts on “America…thou hast broken thine spirit.

  1. I’m with ya lad. Already had a pint in mem’ry of the lass. I’ve decided there’s no need ta’ continue watchin’ as I am not a teenage girl, so me votes are completely canceled anyways.

    I hope Jason and Brooke are next – awe, who am I kidding. I don’t care anymore.

    E’rin Go Bragh!

  2. That show still on TV? I thought it was over after the first two weeks of rejecting people.

    I thought this one was the plant? Hasn’t she written songs for other Idol winners and has changed her name a few times to appear as an amateur singer for the contest?

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