It’s Sunday…I want to blog but I have so many thoughts in my head that I am not sure how to focus on just one.  So I decided I would share the randomness that exists in my head.  Without any fan-fair  i give you my random thoughts for today.

1. It’s hot!

2. My baby is funny.

3. My wife is awesome.

4. I love my church family.

5. Jenny Platt is a saint.

6. I am sad that we missed Jamie’s wedding.

7. How does Rick Myssee not know the song “Reunited”?

8. Walt Disney is a genius.

9. I want a hot dog and some papya juice.

10. I hope Tim is ok in Vietnam this week.

11. Why do people with crappy cars act lke their car is da bomb. (that’s right, I’m bringing it back people)

12. I can’t wait for Indiana Jones.

13. I need a vacation.

14. I forgot how much I like Guns N Roses.

15. That fondue with the Twals was rad. (yup, I’m bringing that back too)

16. LA is expensive.

17. I wish I were a fish.

18. Jaws is the scariest movie…ever.

19. Who thought of fried pickles?

20. I wonder how Matt Neal is doing.

21. God is so good.

22. I think I should go watch some FRIENDS.

Well, that is what currently resides in my noggin, and on that note I am going to go watch the one with 5 steaks and an eggplant.


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