I still love “Little People Big World”

OK, so last year I did a post all about the show “Little People Big World”…and how it resides in a different level of awesomeness that very few can obtain. Tonight, as I was watching the two new episodes, I was struck with the fact that I want to be friends with Zach. (for those of you sad souls who do not watch the show he is one of the twins.)

Sure, hes 17 and I’m 28…but who cares. The things he has, is, and will overcome inspire and teach me. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the rest of the family…I’m just saying that if I could only be friends with one…I want it to be Zach. So Zach if your out there…would you be my friend?

Roloff’s – my wife and I love you all…and we will continue to tell everyone we know to watch your show. So all you people out there in the blogosphere…turn your boob tubes to TLC on Monday nights and let yourself be immersed in one of the few rewarding reality TV shows out there…and if there is anyone interested in going up to the pumpkin patch in October let me know…I am so in!

Seriously though…Zach email me.


2 thoughts on “I still love “Little People Big World”

  1. Hi you all, hows it going. I would like to receive an email from either Matt or Amy. I have warched every show since it started and even the reruns. Your kids are great and I am glad to see Zach getting interested in a girl. I was wondering and it really is none of my business, but, is Jermey really getting serious with his gal. Molly and Jacob are really good looking kids, and I would like to see more of Molly on the show, I like it when Amy and Molly go off by themselves and do things. Well I have bothered you enough, bye for now.Margaret Cloud email:olddigger@gmail.com

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